WINNINGNormandy Fellowship Programme

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Post-doctoral fellowship programme offering experienced researchers a training programme in the Normandy Region of France in six smart specialisation areas.

The WINNINGNormandy Fellowship Programme (WelcomINg and TraiNING of international high-level post-docs in Normandy) was established by the French Normandy region.

The programme is co-funded by the French Normandy region and the European Union, under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (grant agreement No 101034329).

The goal of the programme is to foster research excellence and innovation activities, and increase the international attractivity and influence of the Normandy Region in France by recruiting postdoctoral fellowships. A fellow can only be hosted by a research unit in Normandy and be employed by one of the academic partner institutions.

Projects must contribute to one of the six areas of specialisation (with one transversal ‘digital’) of the Norman Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3). These six areas of specialisation are:

  • Food industry: ‘Preserving and sustainably transforming agricultural, marine, forestry and production systems’
  • Energy: ‘Develop an energy mix towards zero carbon emissions’.
  • Industry: ‘Transforming processes for a high-performance, sustainable and digital industry’.
  • Mobility & logistics: ‘Develop low-carbon mobility solutions that are efficient and secure’.
  • Health: ‘Accelerating synergies and innovation in the service of human and animal 5P medicine’.
  • Risk management: ‘Make Normandy a resilient territory by mastering technological, natural, health and social risks’.
Funding body Région Normandie (Normandy Region)
Maximum value Discretionary
Reference ID S22955
Category Biotechnology and Biology
Science and Technology
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical Research
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