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Biology & Biotechnology2022-06-14T15:38:21+01:00

Latest Biotechnology & Biology Research Funding

Explore the latest research funding, awards, grants, scholarships and fellowships in the fields of biology and biotechnology.

While human understanding of biology has expanded hugely in recent history, a great deal remains unknown. Learning more about how the human body works can help keep our societies healthier for longer and enables researchers to develop more effective medicines. Funding for biology research projects is therefore important for the future of humanity.

Similarly, biotechnology research is critical for its implications in health and medicine. Genetic engineering has helped scientists create new medicines which have saved lives.

List of all biotech & biology research funding

To access the latest funding, simply click on the links to learn about each opportunity. Each description explains the objectives of the project, as well as details about who would be best suited for participation.  

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