Wellcome Trust Extends Upcoming Deadlines

Wellcome Trust Extends Upcoming Deadlines

The Wellcome Trust has announced that it is extending many of its upcoming funding rounds by an additional week in order to provide applicants with sufficient time to prepare their applications in light of the disruption caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The affected calls and their updated deadlines are as follows:

Research Resources Awards in Humanities and Social Science: New deadline of 8 April 2020

Research Enrichment – Open Research Funding: 15 April 2020

Research Enrichment – Diversity and Inclusion Funding: 15 April 2020

Research Enrichment – Public Engagement Funding: 15 April 2020

International Master’s Fellowships: 21 April 2020

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships: 22 April 2020

Research Career Re-entry Fellowships: 22 April 2020

Collaborative Awards in Science: 28 April 2020

International Training Fellowships: 7 May 2020

International Intermediate Fellowships: 7 May 2020

The extensions come a week after the Wellcome Trust provided updated COVID-19 advice for current Wellcome grantholders and grant applicants. This advice is follows:

Grant applicants

The Wellcome Trust’s funding schemes and calls remain open for applications. Some advisory committee meetings will take place remotely and any affected parties will be notified.

The Trust can submit a proposal on an organisation’s behalf if it is unable to approve and submit an application. Applicants are requested to email the Trust to confirm their agreement.

Current grantholders

The Trust is offering support to organisations it currently funds in the following ways:

Employment support for staff employed on a grant who are unwell, need to self-isolate and/or have caring responsibilities for someone affected. This includes salary support (less any recoverable statutory pay).

Costs incurred from being called away to work on the Coronavirus response for one month or more (eg for carrying out clinical duties). This includes grantholder running costs and fellow salaries.

Costs of events or travel which have been cancelled and cannot be reimbursed or claimed for under insurance.

Grant extensions if additional costs are not needed.

For other grants which may be affected (eg if an organisation closes), the Trust will seek to minimise the impact on its funded research activities wherever possible (eg supplementing a grant, where it is not covered by insurance).

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