Water security research: Understanding the flow

Our expert team of researchers look at emerging policy and funding opportunities of water security research, helping the research community to navigate global challenges of this increasingly important field.

Water sustainability and water management have emerged as increasingly important research areas in recent years. Extreme weather events such as droughts and floods have brought growing concerns about water supply and water management to many parts of the world that previously had seemingly little to worry about. Yet water research is not just about headline-grabbing catastrophes.

Water security research addresses all aspects of water’s impact on the wellbeing and flourishing of human and non-human populations. As such, it touches on a wide range of topics including safe drinking water provision, climate change, food security, energy generation and environmental protection. Research in this field is frequently interdisciplinary, building on a deep understanding of the status quo as well as on the analysis of the physical and social drivers and dynamics that contribute to contemporary global water challenges.

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