UK HEIs Invited to Bid for Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme

Scholarships for students from developing Commonwealth countries to enable them to study in the UK.

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship scheme is aimed at supporting students from developing commonwealth countries through a postgraduate course at a participating UK institution of higher education.

The scheme is aimed at students who, for financial reasons, are unable to study in the UK and are outside the scope of other UK Government Support Schemes, but would benefit from higher education in the United Kingdom, enabling them to contribute toward the development of their home countries.

The scheme is for taught Masters Courses only. The Scholarships are offered only for subjects relating to the economic, social and technological development of an applicant’s country. Scholarships are offered under the CSC’s six development themes.

The CSC currently expects to allocate around 210 new Commonwealth Shared Scholarships for 2024-25. Scholarships are normally for one-year taught courses at postgraduate level and are not for research degrees or undergraduate study.

Only universities in receipt of UK Government grant funding are eligible to bid for Commonwealth Shared Scholarships.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are jointly financed by the CSC and host universities. Any contribution towards the university’s share of the scholarship costs must come from the university’s own funds or from an organisation whose mission and aims are in line with those of the CSC.

The CSC will cover costs including course tuition fees up to a cap of £22,500, airfares to and from the UK, and a grant to contribute to study-related costs.

The university is expected to provide a stipend at the rate of £1,347 per month, or £1,652 per month for Scholars at universities in the London metropolitan area, as well as a warm clothing allowance of £522. Commonwealth Shared Scholars must not be asked to contribute to the university element of the scholarship.

UK universities are invited to bid for up to ten Commonwealth Shared Scholarships to be offered in the 2024-2025 academic year. Universities may put forward up to eight courses in the bid.

All bids must be made by the 19 September 2023 (16:00) deadline.

(This report was the subject of a ResearchConnect Newsflash.)