STFC Particle Physics Experiment Consolidated Grants

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) runs the Particle Physics Experiment Consolidated Grants initiative to support the particle physics community through consolidated grants for a period of three years.

A separate grants scheme operates for particle physics theory consolidated grants (particle physics theory and particle physics experiment are considered to be separate subject areas). Each institution (or equivalent sub-unit within a university) may submit one consolidated grant proposal per subject area every three years.

Applications are assessed by the Particle Physics Grants Panel (PPGP), which makes recommendations to the STFC Executive on research grant applications in particle physics. The grants panel will ensure that:

The programme supported is scientifically excellent.

The programme is clearly in line with STFC’s strategic science objectives and priorities, that it addresses the impact agenda (eg in terms of technology development and knowledge transfer) and is responsive to changes and future opportunities within the community.

There is an appropriate balance between the programmatic themes within particle physics and the development of novel technologies consistent with the overall STFC science strategy.

Groups from different institutions working collaboratively in the same well-defined research area may apply for a consolidated research grant as a consortium. This is intended to allow members of such consortia the opportunity to bid for shared resources, particularly core expertise, that they might not otherwise be able to secure on their own, perhaps due to the size and/or scope of their activity.

Principal Investigators (PI) from university institutions are eligible to submit applications. Applicants must be employed on a full or part-time basis as academic members of staff at the grant-holding university. STFC individual and institution eligibility rules apply.

The scheme is also intended to provide support for newly appointed academic members of staff (lecturers or lecturer equivalent fellows) who have joined a department between grant reviews.

No minimum or maximum funding levels are stated by the funder. Grants will normally be awarded for three years, but where required, an extension of up to one year may be applied for. Grants for this round will have a start date of 1 October 2022 and an end date of 30 September 2025.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 17 February 2021 (16:00).

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