Second Edition of Participatory Research Programme Launched by ANR

The second edition of the ANR Participatory Research programme has launched, providing funding for academic and non-academic actors in France to work on action research projects with direct implications for civil society.

The Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR – National Research Agency) provides funding to public research organisations and universities, as well as to private companies, for both basic and applied research in all fields of science. Its goals include promoting creativity and openness as well as new ideas and partnerships, in particular between academia and industry.

This ANR Participatory Research scheme aims to support the development of projects from previously formed groups around scientific societal issues, jointly developed by academic and non-academic stakeholders. It forms part of the ANR’s ‘Science with and for Society’ programme. For the 2023 edition (Participatory Research 2), ANR will support emerging participatory research projects that bring together academic and non-academic actors who wish to share their knowledge, abilities and experiences to provide concrete answers to scientific questions (that they have already identified) that can have direct applications for civil society.

Projects must be jointly coordinated jointly by a scientific/academic partner (French organisation for research and dissemination of knowledge) and a partner from civil society (NGOs, collectives of citizens, professional organisations, companies, social and solidarity economy stakeholders, local authorities etc). To be eligible for ANR funding, civil society organisations must be a juridicial person (avoir la personnalité morale), not be in financial difficulty, be located in France and have a purpose compatible with the call for projects.

Funding of up to €100,000 is available for a project with a duration of 12-18 months. The funding from ANR will support the establishment of the consortium, defining the research question, putting together the method to answer the question and completing studies or preparatory actions for the project (field surveys, data collection, feasibility studies, consultancy etc).

Applications must be submitted by 29 June 2023 (15:00 Paris time).

(This report was the subject of a ResearchConnect Newsflash.)