SAF€RA Seventh Joint Call Open to Applications

Funding available for for transnational, collaborative industrial safety research projects.

The seventh SAF€RA (Coordination of European Research on Industrial Safety) joint call for transnational, collaborative research projects is titled Industrial safety implications of platform work, the Green Deal, and advanced materials for energy storage, with three topics:

  • Topic 1: Industrial safety in the context of the sustainability imperative
  • Topic 2: Safety of advanced materials in energy conversion and storage applications
  • Topic 3: Evolving workplaces and safety in the platform economy

The total available budget for the 2022 call is approximately €1.8 million. Two forms of funding are available:

  • “In cash”: research grants for researchers from universities, institutes, research organisations and public firms
  • “In kind”: person-months for personnel from certain participating institutes and research organisations

Most projects funded within this joint call will be relatively small (two to four partners, duration between 12 and 36 months, with budgets typically between €20,000 and €150,000 per project partner).

The call aims to fund mainly applied research and innovation projects carried out in universities and research institutes, though proposals from industry may also be eligible if they contain a significant research component. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged. Cooperation and joint activities between different consortia funded within the call will be encouraged. Research proposals which adopt a comparative approach (analysing similarities and differences between different European countries, between different industry sectors, between large and small organisations, etc.) are encouraged

In order to foster transnational collaboration, projects funded within this joint call will involve the collaboration of at least two research teams in two eligible countries. All EU member states plus the Republic of Serbia and the United Kingdom are eligible countries.

The Seventh Joint Call has a deadline for submission of pre-proposals of 5 September 2022.