Royal Society Publishes Manifesto for Future of UK Science

Ahead of the upcoming General Election, the Royal Society has published a ‘manifesto for science’ outlining the key steps the next Government must take in order to harness the potential of science to power a cutting edge UK.

The manifesto sets out a road map based on the following key steps:

Secure a good Brexit outcome for science, including full participation in Horizon Europe.

Increase investment in science to 3% of GDP by 2030, with 1% public investment.

Improve our immigration system to support the exchange of people and ideas.

Deliver the right policies and funding to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Reform education to provide everyone with the skills they need for the future.

Support the ethical development and application of new technology for the public good.

President of the Royal Society Venki Ramakrishnan has also written to party leaders ahead of the General Election urging them to support and invest in UK Science and warning this valuable national asset has been “neglected for too long”.

Dr Ramakrishnan said:

“The Royal Society’s manifesto sets out how the next Government should capitalise on the UK’s outstanding strengths in science.

“From personalised cancer treatments tailored to our genomes, machine learning making transport more efficient, or green technologies helping to avert the worst effects of climate change – while creating new jobs at the same time – science is at the heart of issues that matter to the electorate.

“But the support and leadership of the next Government will be vital if UK Science is to deliver on its full potential.”

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