RGS-IBG Land Rover Bursary Now Open

The Land Rover Bursary, run by RGS-IBG on behalf of corporate benefactor Jaguar Land Rover, offers funding and the use of a vehicle to make a journey with a geographical purpose. Applicants must demonstrate how the journey will take them ‘above and beyond’ their normal experiences, limits or boundaries and how the journey will promote a wider understanding or enjoyment of geography. An ideal project will inspire action and optimism, and have the potential for a strong legacy.

The 2020 vehicle is the new Land Rover Defender. The vehicle must be essential to the journey and full use should be made of its accessory options. The journey must involve challenging terrain that pushes the capabilities of the Defender and demands the use of off-road features such as towing and wading.

Applicants must:

Be part of a team of between two and four members, where all members are over 18 years of age.

Hold a clean driving licence valid in the UK, have at least three years’ driving experience and be eligible for the appropriate driving licences in all the countries they will be travelling through.

The project can take place anywhere in the world (except Africa), with a preference for China and the USA. Applications from those not represented in past bursary-supported teams are particularly welcome.

A bursary of £30,000 is provided to support logistics, fuel, insurance, vehicle transportation or shipping costs, and to allow for the provision of communications from the field. The bursary should be sufficient to fund the journey without additional sponsorship being sought.

The successful team will receive compulsory driver training. Any vehicle modifications, equipment or additional training will be provided at the discretion of Jaguar Land Rover. The journey must take place between July and December 2020, for a minimum of four weeks.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 30 November 2019.

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