Research Grants in Polymorbidity and Related Conditions in Internal Medicine

The Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe (FDIME) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting biomedical, clinical, behavioural, nutritional and epidemiologic research to expand knowledge and understanding of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in related internal medicine. The organisation also seeks to promote the education and continuing professional development of health professionals working in internal medicine at all stages of their careers.

The FDIME Research Grants support young practitioners of internal medicine (internists) conducting research in all fields of internal medicine, particularly polymorbidity and other common conditions in internal medicine, at a host institution in Europe. The grants offer funding of up to €17,500 over one year to support living and travel costs (rather than the costs of research itself) during the period of research.

Applicants should:

  • Be a young internist under the age of 38 (as defined by the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM)).
  • Have been a member of one of the national societies of internal medicine affiliated to EFIM for not less than one year at the time of application.
  • Submit a project proposal relevant to the topic of polymorbidity and other common conditions in Internal Medicine (projects can cover translational medicine, basic or clinical research).
  • Be able to provide a letter from the Chief of Laboratory or Department of Medicine at the proposed host institution, certifying that the project will be carried out in their laboratory/clinical department.

Applicants are responsible for developing their research proposals and identifying the host institution where the research will be undertaken. A research study collaborating with, or directly involving, a French research team is encouraged and will be considered positively.

It is expected that the applicant will be occupied full time with his/her specified research study and not receiving any salary.

Application forms and guidelines are available from the FDIME website.

Applications must be submitted by the closing date of 15 June 2021.