Research Grants and PhD Studentships for Macular Disease Research

The Macular Society is the UK’s national charity for people affected by central vision loss. Its research funding programme supports researchers in the UK conducting projects with potential to benefit people with any form of macular disease (eg myopic macular degeneration, central serous retinopathy, macular hole, retinal vein occlusions and diabetic macular oedema) including AMD and macular dystrophies.

Applications are currently invited for the 2024 round of the Macular Society’s Research Grant and PhD Studentships, which provide support for projects to enhance knowledge of the causes of macular disease, improve early detection, prevention and treatment, or improve quality of life for people with macular disease.

The Research Grants are a maximum of £300,000 over three years to fund direct project costs for researchers at institutions in the UK conducting clinical or laboratory-based research projects.

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The PhD Studentships are a maximum of £120,000 over three years to fund stipend, fees and consumables for PhD projects at UK institutions, which can include topics focusing on basic research, epidemiology, clinical research, gene therapy, stem cells, visual rehabilitation and new technology. PhD candidates must be a graduate in a relevant subject.

All projects funded by the Macular Society should consider the Macular Society Research Strategy and aim to address one or more of the top ten priority areas identified for AMD research in the Sight Loss and Vision Priority Setting Partnership.

There is a two stage application process for the Research Grants and PhD Studentships: a preliminary application followed by a full application for selected applicants