Quality of Medicines Award for Optimising the Quality of Drugs 2024 Announced

Frankfurt Foundation Quality of Medicines (FFQM) is a charitable foundation in Germany dedicated to the promotion of research activities on medicinal product quality and the therapeutic interchangeability of generic medicinal products containing the same active ingredients.

Since 2021, FFQM and the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG) jointly award the Quality of Medicines Award (Preis zur Förderung der Arzneimittelqualität) for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of optimising and ensuring the quality of drugs. The award committee will consider fundamental investigations into the quality of drugs on the market as well as innovative concepts to improve them.

The call for applications is open to scientists from universities, pharmaceutical companies and other government or private research and quality control institutions.

The award is presented on the basis of work that may already have been published or submitted for publication. Also accepted are reports on experimental investigations in the form of meaningful summaries. For the 2024 award, only work published between 2022 and 2024 will be considered.

The award is associated with prize money of €2,000.

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