Product Grants Available Through Ocean Insight Grant Program

Ocean Insight is an applied spectral knowledge company and uses spectral technology to help customers take on important challenges for a safer, cleaner and healthier future. Ocean Insight provides products (eg spectrometers, sensors, light sources and probes), software, measurement equipment and calibration advice.

The Ocean Insight Grant Program encourages the use of spectral technologies in support of research that discovers, refines and delivers new approaches to solving the world’s most pressing problems. Project examples include improved medical diagnostics, more accurate security screening technologies and more advanced crop analysis. The spectral techniques that may be used include: absorbance, colour, fluorescence, irradiance, multispectral sensing, oxygen/pH sensing, raman/SERS, reflectance and transmittance.

Application is open to researchers from start-up companies and local, state and federal institutions, including colleges, universities, research centres and regulatory agencies in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Successful applicants will earn awards of up to $20,000 in Ocean Insight products and equipment:

Ocean Finalist Awards – up to four finalists will be allocated $5,000 in products.

Ocean Merit Awards – up to two winners will be allocated $10,000 in products.

Ocean Inspiration Award – one winner will be allocated $20,000 in products.

In addition to the product donation, awardees are entitled to enhanced technical support from Ocean Insight. This support may include a virtual consultation session, online training or a single Ocean Lab Services feasibility study.

Grantees have six months from the date of the award to order Ocean Insight equipment and apply the award. Grantees cannot disperse the award over more than two transactions.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 23 December 2020.

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