Pre-Announcement Call to Investigate Changes in Working Lives and Power in the Workplace

The ESRC will soon launch a funding call to explore power dynamics in the workplace and changes in working lives. The call opens on 10 June.

As part of its Transforming Working Lives (TWL) priority, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has launched a pre-announcement call to explore power dynamics in the workplace and changes in working lives.

ESRC is looking to fund a programme series of innovative and novel research projects across two overarching themes:

  • Managing working transitions
  • Power and voice in a changing world of work

Proposals should seek to make a significant scientific contribution with a view to addressing key policy and practice challenges. Findings should help to build the evidence base for effective future interventions in the areas under study.

In particular, ESRC would like projects to:

  • Understand the empirical realities of contemporary transformations in work and working lives, the causal factors involved and the implications for individuals, businesses, practitioners and policymakers
  • Engender relevant, meaningful, and accessible change in policy and business practices to transform our working lives for the better

UK-based individuals or research teams based at an approved university or independent research organisation are eligible to apply.

ESRC encourages co-investigators from business, third sector or government organisations.

The full economic cost of the project can be between £535,000 and £720,000. ESRC will fund 80% of this.

Projects must start in April 2022 and last three years.

The call is scheduled to open to applications on 10 June 2021. The deadline for applications is 30 September 2021 (4pm UK time).