Policy: White Paper on Europe’s Digital Infrastructure Needs

Published by the European Commission, a new White Paper titled How to Master Europe’s Digital Infrastructure Needs? analyses the challenges Europe currently faces in the rollout of future connectivity networks and presents possible scenarios going forward. The challenges are multiple: technology, investment needs, lack of single markets for telecoms, lack of a level playing field, dependency, fragmented approach to radio spectrum management, need for more innovation and industrial capabilities across the telecom value chain, sustainability and security.

The Commission has launched a broad consultation of Member States, civil society, industry, and academics, to collect their views on the scenarios outlined in the White Paper and provide them with an opportunity to contribute to the Commission’s future proposals in this domain.

These ideas put forward include both policy means to ensure secure and resilient digital infrastructures and possible scenarios for key elements of a future regulatory framework. This consultation will allow a comprehensive dialogue with all concerned parties that will inform the next steps of the Commission.

Feedback on the White Paper can be submitted until 30 June 2024 (00:00).