Pfizer Inviting Applications to its COVID-19 Competitive Grant Programme

Pfizer Inviting Applications to its COVID-19 Competitive Grant Programme

Designed by Pfizer to provide financial support for organisations producing independent educational programmes and quality improvement initiatives designed to combat COVID-19, this $5 million programme is offering grant funding in the following two categories:

Category A: Independent Medical Education Grants

These grants are intended to support educational programmes for healthcare providers focused on the recognition, diagnosis, treatment, and overall care management of patients with COVID-19. Topics include overview of the epidemiology, virology, and clinical features of COVID-19; summary of the criteria for testing and interpreting results of laboratory testing etc.

In addition, Pfizer is interested in supporting programmes that include tools designed to help healthcare professionals educate patients and caregivers on the disease state, preventative measures, and emerging strategies for COVID-19 treatment.

All activity types will be considered, but virtual and mobile activities will be prioritised. This includes applications to repurpose existing educational resources into easy-to-use and easy-to-access delivery formats (eg mobile apps). Pfizer will also consider applications repurposing education or training resources that currently exist in one language but could be modified and translated to other languages and rolled out in different geographies.

Category B: Quality & Process Improvement Grants

The intent of this grant category is to provide support to hospitals or healthcare systems so that they may evaluate and improve their systems-of care for COVID-19 patients. Funds can be used for staff training or clinical process improvement. While hospitals are dealing with the urgent care of patients with COVID-19, these grants can be used to address procedural challenges and needs.

Quality improvement grants can also be used to help facilitate the sharing and exchange of best practices across hospital systems or geographic regions. The goal is that the quality or process of care of patients will be improved with this additional funding support.

Applications to this global programme are invited from medical, dental, nursing, allied health and/or pharmacy professional schools, healthcare institutions (both large and small), professional associations, government agencies and other entities with a mission related to healthcare improvement. For educational programmes offering credit, the requesting organisation must be the accredited provider.

The expected approximate range of grant awards is $20,000 to $250,000. However, Pfizer will consider larger grants depending on the size and scope of the programme.

The deadline for applications is 22 May 2020.

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