Outline Applications Invited for Phase Two of the ISCF Faraday Battery Challenge

The Faraday Institution is providing funding of roughly £12 million per annum for up to four researcher consortia interested in research projects in four challenge areas, which have been identified through a set of five regional workshops attended by roughly 200 people from industry, policy and academia. The funding forms part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Faraday Battery Challenge, the Government’s challenge to industry and research to develop the next generation of batteries for vehicles and other applications. 

The four research topics are:

Next generation Li-ion cathode materials.

Electrode manufacturing.

Next generation Na-ion batteries.

Alternative cell chemistry beyond lithium ion batteries.

The outline proposals must be from multi-disciplinary consortia directed to carrying out fundamental research at scale that will “move the dial” of knowledge and understanding in addressing the specific issues within the topics above. Research should lead to breakthroughs that will strengthen the UK’s leading position in battery research; make UK industry more competitive; and attract researchers and industry to base themselves in the UK. The ambition is to achieve revolution in battery research, and a “business as usual” approach will not be deemed sufficient.

Projects should last for 48 months. Initial funding will be for the period from 1 September 2019 to 31 March 2021, with further funding dependent on the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Outline proposals must be from multi-disciplinary consortia (normally of up to five institutions) directed to carrying out fundamental research at scale. Each consortium must be led by a Principal Investigator, who is an internationally recognised leader in the field, and supported by a Project Leader with experience of delivering research and who will have daily responsibility for driving the research forward. Participation by international collaborators in the consortia is encouraged but funding from the Faraday Institution will only be available to UK-based organisations.

Outline proposals should be submitted by 28 February 2019 (16:00) using the Research Councils’ Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) System.

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