Nuffield Foundation Announces Funding Changes

Nuffield Foundation Announces Funding Changes

The Nuffield Foundation has published a statement about working with their grant-holders and current funding applicants during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Foundation states:

“We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty and disruption it creates may have an impact on your ability to deliver your Nuffield-funded project as originally proposed. If you find this is the case, please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity and we will work with you to determine the best way we can support you to achieve the objectives of your project. We fund a diverse range of projects and will respond to each enquiry on a case-by-case basis rather than by issuing generic guidance. We will endeavour to be flexible wherever possible and to respond promptly to all enquiries.”

Consideration is still being given to what support can be put in place for Nuffield Research Placement and Q-Step students.

Supporting staff and grant-holders

It is understood that grant-holders’ ability to deliver their Nuffield-funded projects as originally proposed is likely to be affected by the pandemic. The Foundation are advising anyone affected to get in touch with them at the earliest opportunity and they will work to determine the best way they can support them to achieve the objectives of the project.

Changes to the application timetable

The Foundation will continue their assessment process of all funding applications currently underway, including outline applications submitted by last week’s deadline. However, they are aware that applicants may wish to reconsider their proposals in light of the pandemic and are encouraging them to adjust and resubmit should that be the case.

Future funding rounds will be given more time to enable applicants to prepare proposals. Therefore, the Foundation will extend some deadlines and will publish an updated timetable shortly.   

Addressing the social impact of the pandemic

The Foundation is currently considering, in a fast track process, applications for research projects responding to the pandemic and its social consequences that will be undertaken in the coming weeks. This immediate opportunity is now closed, but in the coming months, the Foundation is encouraging applications for research to address the huge social challenges and historical consequences of the pandemic. They seek original and ambitious proposals that will allow the analysis and documentation of the pandemic’s effects on our social well-being and the potential interventions that may help alleviate them in the medium term.

The Foundation continue to work from home and are contactable by phone or email in the usual way.

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