Nominations Open for 2022 Gruber Prizes

International prize programme to recognise individuals in the fields of cosmology, genetics and neuroscience.

The Gruber Foundation was established by Patricia and Peter Gruber in 1993 and relocated to Yale University in 2011. The Foundation rewards outstanding individuals in the fields of cosmology, genetics, neuroscience, justice and women’s rights.

Through the international prize programme, the Foundation honours individuals in the fields of cosmology, genetics and neuroscience, whose ground breaking work provides new models that inspire and enable fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture. Each prize consists of a gold medal and an unrestricted cash award of $500,000.

The prizes are:

Gruber Neuroscience Prize

Awarded to individuals whose research in the fields of brain, spinal cord or peripheral system have advanced scientific understanding of the nervous system. A nominee may be any individual who has conducted highly distinguished research in the field of the brain, spinal cord or peripheral nervous system.

Gruber Cosmology Prize

Presented to a leading cosmologist, astronomer, mathematician or scientific philosopher for achievements that have led to fundamental advances in understanding the structure and evolution of the universe.

Eligible nominees are individuals working in the fields of astronomy, cosmology, mathematics or the philosophy of science whose achievements have produced fundamental advances in the understanding of the universe.

Gruber Genetics Prize

Awarded to a leading scientist, in recognition of ground-breaking contributions to any realm of genetics research. A nominee may be any individual who has made original discoveries in the fields of genetic function, regulation, transmission, variation or genomic organisation.

Eligibility and Nomination Deadline

Individuals may be nominated by any other individual, organisation or institution active in, or that have an appreciation for, contemporary: neuroscience research and study; genetic research or problems; or cosmological research and study. There are no residency or nationality restrictions.

Nominations for the 2022 prizes must be submitted by the deadline of 15 December 2021.