NERC Capital Call Now Open

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) supports and drives environmental research through capital investment in new technologies, equipment, infrastructure, facilities and estates. This investment in capital assets supports existing and future world-class environmental science, generating exciting scientific discovery and building an effective capability to sustain high quality research.

NERC is investing up to £3 million in this Capital Call. Capital assets must:

Fit the definition for capital (ie the creation or purchase of an asset that has a useful life exceeding one year and that costs more than £10,000, such as equipment, buildings, IT software and supercomputers).

Support NERC’s environmental science research remit.

Provide ongoing national capability to the UK science community.

Have the potential to stimulate innovation and economic impact.

Create/build on a new capability rather than simply maintaining or duplicating an existing capability.

It is expected that the purchased equipment is actively used and available to other researchers, through equipment sharing arrangements, to ensure that the best possible value is gained from NERC capital investments. Grant holders and their host research organisations are responsible for ensuring the active use and availability of the asset, and ensuring maximum value for the operational lifetime.

Grants may be held at approved UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), approved Research Council Institutes (RCIs), approved Independent Research Organisations (IROs) and NERC Research Centres. Joint proposals are welcome.

Eligible organisations may submit up to two proposals for capital assets. The minimum value is £100,000 including VAT per proposal. The combined total value cannot exceed £300,000 including VAT. Successful proposals will be awarded 100% of the full cost of the proposed capital asset.

The capital asset must cost more than £10,000. Individual components costing less than £10,000 are allowable, providing they are combined to create a single asset (that would otherwise not operate if one of those components was removed). Capital requests can include fully justified labour and installation costs.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 23 July 2019.

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