NATO Public Diplomacy Division Co-Sponsorship Grants Call for Applications: Increasing Societal Resilience

NATO is seeking applications from organisations in NATO Member Nations for conferences, seminars, workshops, public events and other relevant public diplomacy activities on the theme of ‘Increasing Societal Resilience’.

NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) works to strengthen the public image of NATO, foster awareness and understanding of its values, policies, and activities, and increase the level of debate on peace, security, and defence related issues.

The PDD Co-sponsorship Grants provide funding to support conferences, seminars, workshops, public events and other relevant public diplomacy activities, such as digital, multimedia or online projects, on peace and security-related issues.

Under the second 2022 Call for Applications for the PDD Co-sponsorship Grants – Increasing Societal Resilience: Innovative Ways to Counter Disinformation and Hostile Information Activities – NATO is seeking proposals for projects to develop innovative ways in support of strengthening resilience in civil societies against the challenge of disinformation, propaganda and other hostile information activities.

Funding is available to universities, NGOs, think-tanks, community groups and organisations and other pertinent civil-society organisations in NATO Member Nations, which includes 100% sponsorship for projects costing up to €10,000; up to €10,000 for projects costing between €10,000 and €20,000; and up to 50% sponsorship for projects costing over €20,000.

Projects should support the objectives of the Call, which are:

  1. To increase knowledge, awareness and understanding among citizens of ways to counter disinformation, propaganda and other hostile information activities
  2. To develop innovative and non-traditional ways to increase societal resilience in the above areas
  3. To produce content of enduring value, which can be shared widely within and outside NATO and civil society networks

Project/activities eligible for funding could include:

  • Activities using innovative ways to build societal resilience to disinformation, propaganda and hostile information activities
  • Analytical reports with recommendations
  • Policy roundtable discussions, academic seminars, and conferences, face-to- face and/or online
  • Digital media projects, including documentaries, interviews, educational tools
  • Other innovative projects

In addition to the general public, priority target audiences/groups include:

  • Successor generation (young people 18-35 years old)
  • Influencers, opinion formers and decision makers

Calls for applications are published on the NATO website.

Applications for this Call should be submitted by the deadline on 10 May 2022.

Projects should start after 15 July 2022 and be completed by the end of 2022.