MRC Seeking Calls for Public Health Intervention Development

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has been seeking to embed systems thinking and systems science approaches into the Public Health Intervention Development scheme (PHIND) scheme for some time. Systems thinking encourages people to look at the bigger picture, to consider how different actors and other components of a system as well as interventions operate together to influence public health, to consider the wider impacts of interventions across the whole system, intended and unanticipated, and to explore how the system adapts to an intervention over time.

This call therefore aims to encourage the incorporation of systems thinking in population-level intervention development research. It aims to encourage the development of innovative, novel and scalable interventions which address an important UK or global public health issue, and support the development of population-level interventions.

Proposals should address the early stage of development of new interventions. This can include qualitative and quantitative primary research and the development of theory and logic models; however, emphasis should be placed on developing the intervention. Proposals should demonstrate a pathway to further development and evaluation of the proposed intervention and criteria for progression to the next stage of development should be detailed within the Case for Support.

The principal investigator (PI) must be based at a UK higher education institution (HEI); Independent research organisation (IROs) or NHS body. Co-production with relevant stakeholders is strongly encouraged. 

Awards of up to £150,000 for a maximum of 18 months can be made. Funds may be requested to support costs attributable to the study including investigator and research staff time, consumables, equipment and travel.

A limited amount (approximately 15%) of the overall cost could be allocated to some acceptability and feasibility research, towards the end of the grant, to help cement a collaboration or to underpin further work to help the case for a future grant application.

Proposals should be submitted by the 22 January 2020 (16:00) deadline.

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