MRC/ESRC/AHRC Collaborations to Support Eating Disorders Research

Closing Date: 03/10/2022

Funding to support novel collaborations involving multiple and diverse disciplines in the field of eating disorders research.

The Medical Research Council (MRC), Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) are providing funding in partnership with the Medical Research Foundation and National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to facilitate collaborations into eating disorders research.

The opportunity aims to increase capacity in the field by funding collaborations across diverse groupings of disciplines, including fields adjacent to or not previously involved in eating disorders research. This includes the following:

  • Medical
  • Biological
  • Social sciences
  • Behavioural sciences
  • Arts and humanities

Applications are particularly encouraged that encompass disciplines not traditionally involved in eating disorders research. Teams will be supported that will enable the exploitation of existing resources, including cross-sectional and longitudinal datasets, as well as the development of new hypotheses and novel approaches.

The aim is to improve underpinning capability for research on the understanding, prevention and treatment of eating disorders across demographics, leading to reduced impact on those with lived experience of eating disorders and their families in the long term.

Applications may be broad in scope or focused on a particular aspect of the broad spectrum of eating disorders, including disordered eating. However, it is expected that all applications will appropriately acknowledge the complexity and variability of these conditions. Applications should specifically consider the diverse presentation of eating disorders, and the inclusion of underrepresented groups in respect to ethnicity, social class, neurodivergence, gender and sexual orientation.

People with lived experience of eating disorders, including carers, should be involved both in the development and implementation of the proposed collaboration.

Funds to support small scale, pump-priming projects may be considered, but specific research questions should not be the focus of the collaboration. These projects should be interdisciplinary, high risk or high gain projects which will demonstrate the novel capability of the collaboration or generate novel hypotheses and approaches to further eating disorders research. This includes through secondary analysis of existing data.

Funding is available for up to three years.

Funding body Medical Research Council (MRC)
Maximum value £1,000,000
Reference ID S24223
Category Medical Research
Biotechnology and Biology
Economic and Social Research
Fund or call Fund