Leukaemia UK John Goldman Fellowships for Early-Career Researchers

Fellowships worth a maximum of £150,000 over two years to support early-career scientists and clinician-scientists working in leukaemia and related fields seeking to conduct independent research to develop their career.

Leukaemia UK funds the John Goldman Fellowships to support the development of scientists and clinician-scientists working at UK universities and hospitals in leukaemia, blood cancer and related fields. The fellowships are designed to address the two main challenges that researchers face in their developing careers – securing funding to investigate a novel research idea and making the transition from postdoctoral researcher to independent investigator.

The fellowships offer a maximum of £150,000 over two years, for salary and direct project costs, to enable talented research/clinical scientists to test a novel hypothesis and get their research and careers off the ground in a supportive, well-funded environment.

The Fellowships are aimed at three main categories of applicant:

  • Principal Investigators (PI) within two years of first permanent appointment.
  • Postdoctoral researchers with no more than six years post-PhD experience who have full PI status or are in the process of gaining PI status.
  • Clinician scientists with no more than six years’ post-PhD experience.

Proposed research must have relevance to leukaemia, other blood cancers and/or related diseases, with encouragement given to translational projects. The awards can also provide pump-priming funds to achieve preliminary results that could act as springboard to an independent research career.

While there is no age limit, the awards are designed to provide an opportunity for talented early-career scientists to develop as independent investigators. Applicants are not required to be medically-qualified.

Application forms and guidelines are available from the Leukaemia UK website.

Applications for the 2022 fellowships should be submitted by the deadline of 31 January 2022.

Awards will be announced in July 2022.

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