Launch of UK-Canada Diabetes Research Team Grants 2019

The Medical Research Council (MRC), Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) are inviting proposals for UK-Canada Diabetes Research Team Grants as part of the UK-Canada Diabetes Partnership Initiative. This funding opportunity will fund approximately six collaborations between UK and Canadian research teams, fostering and enhancing relationships between researchers working in the area of diabetes.

Diabetes is a pandemic of major public health importance and successfully tackling it will require global research collaboration and coordination. Through the UK-Canada Diabetes Research Team Grants, MRC, ESRC and CIHR aim to:

Support world-leading collaborative research teams aimed at tackling diabetes.

Enhance existing partnerships and develop new partnerships between the UK and Canada in the area of diabetes research.

Strengthen the strategic relationship between the UK and Canada.

The objective is to accelerate diabetes research into mechanisms and translational solutions to improve the lives of people with diabetes in Canada and the UK. Projects should focus on one or more of the following key diabetes knowledge gaps:

Genetic variability.

Molecular mechanisms, including immune-mediated beta cell injury.

Human implementation pilot studies to reverse type 2 diabetes through physical activity and nutrition.

Applications are welcomed that include researchers with expertise in the social sciences, in addition to biomedical researchers. Projects must be three years in duration and must start on 1 April 2020. The end date of the proposed research should be no later than 31 March 2023.

Each grant will require a UK principal investigator (PI) and a Canadian nominated principal applicant (NPA) who will equally share leadership and project management for each project. Each PI and NPA will apply for funding to support their specific component of the team grant from their respective funding agency. Applications submitted to only one side/funding agency will not be accepted.

For UK participants, standard UKRI eligibility criteria as described on the UKRI website will apply. Research organisations that are eligible to apply to the MRC, for example MRC units and institutes may apply to this call. 

For Canadian applicants, the nominated principal applicant must be an independent researcher. The nominated principal applicant must be appointed at an eligible institution.

In total, up to £4 million will be made available through this initiative: up to £2 million of MRC and ESRC funding in support of the UK components; and up to $2.7 million from CIHR in support of the Canadian components of the team grants.

UK-based applicants may request up to a maximum of £333,333 to cover the UK component of each research team grant. The MRC and ESRC will provide funding for the UK-based applicants under standard arrangements and at 80% Full Economic Cost (FEC).

The maximum amount per grant on the Canadian side is $150,000 per year for up to three years, for a total of $450,000 per grant.

UK-based researchers should submit an Intention to Submit (ItS) by 28 August 2019 (23:00). Canadian-based researchers must register their intention to submit by 28 August 2019 (20:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)).

Full proposals should be submitted to the MRC by the 25 September 2019 (16:00) deadline.

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