Launch of MRC Neuroimmunology Data Generation Award for Early Career Researchers

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has launched a call to support pilot data generation, hypothesis-driven, mechanistic studies that examine the role played by inflammatory and immune processes in neurological conditions and mental illness. The fund will support projects run by early careers researchers (ECRs).

Examination of the cross-talk between the nervous and immune systems in pathophysiological conditions will result in valuable and unique insights into mechanisms of disease. This will ultimately allow for the development of targeted therapeutic interventions for neurological disorders and mental illness where the immune system plays a significant role.

The fund will support high-risk projects aimed at generating data to provide a strong evidence base and clear rationale for larger programmes of research at a later date. Proposals will be assessed according to the scientific potential of the work and the importance in the gaps of knowledge being addressed, as well as the justification for the requested resources.

Applicants must be early career researchers (ECRs). There are no eligibility rules based on years of postdoctoral experience, however applicants must not have previously received substantial grant income as a Principle Investigator.

Teams must be multidisciplinary and include at least one researcher with expertise in neuroscience/mental health and one researcher with expertise in immunology. Applications can include an industry partner(s).

80% of the full economic cost of the project can be requested up to £200,000. Support can include:

The salary of the principal investigator and co-investigators.

Support for additional posts – research, technical or other consumables.


Travel costs.

Data preservation, data sharing and dissemination costs.

Applicants should aim to start their project in Spring 2021. Projects must last for up to 24 months.

Expressions of Interest should but submitted by the 22 October 2020 (16:00) deadline.

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