Kohli Fellowships for Sociology

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Two-year residential fellowship for postdoctoral researchers at Berlin Social Science Centre (WZB) in Berlin, Germany or the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy.

Kohli Foundation for Sociology is a charitable organisation based in Germany. It is dedicated to the promotion of sociology as an academic field. As part of its work, the foundation offers a number of awards and fellowships intended to increase public awareness of sociology and recognise major achievements in the field. Its activities are European and international in scope.

The Kohli Fellowship for Sociology promotes postdoctoral researchers working in the field of sociology. Fellows can choose to carry out their two-year research stay either at the Berlin Social Science Centre (WZB) in Berlin, Germany or at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy.

The fellowship is intended to offer opportunities to engage in a new research project, to advance publications, and to develop research collaborations. This may include carrying out field work, attending training events and conferences as well as organising workshops.

The programme is thematically open and covers all topics within the respective host institute’s research programme. Particularly welcome are research projects with a focus on life course and generational issues.

Fellowships usually commence in autumn (1 September for EUI and 1 October for WZB) of each calendar year.

Funding body Kohli Foundation for Sociology
Maximum value €60,000
Reference ID S26425
Category Economic and Social Research
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