IVADO Postdoctoral Fellowships

Closing Date: 27/11/2023

Postdoctoral fellowships at five universities in Quebec, Canada are available for researchers worldwide for research to help advance artificial intelligence (AI).

IVADO, led by Université de Montréal and including four university partners within Quebec, is an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral consortium that seeks to develop a robust, responsible and reasoning artificial intelligence (AI) system. The consortium provides training to researchers in the field, develops on existing research in AI, encourages the transfer and sharing of innovations and brings together communities of interest in the AI industry.

In order to encourage the progression of the IAR3 initiative and to support young talents in the sector, IVADO is offering postdoctoral fellowships to young AI researchers. Research projects will support the initiative in helping develop an AI system that is more robust, responsible and reasoning and in supporting its adoption in certain domains, including, but not limited to:

Basic research in automatic learning and optimisation.

  • Data science and operational research.
  • Synergy between AI and neuroscience.
  • Responsible adoption of AI and its effects on society.
  • Relationship between AI, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and indigenous communities.

Applied research in natural language processing, molecule discovery, health, the environment, climate change, supply chains and decision-making.

Through this programme, IVADO hopes to establish collaborative, high-tech applied research projects while providing fellows with an immersive experience of the Quebecois AI ecosystem.

Funding body IVADO
Maximum value 210,000 CAD
Reference ID S25775
Category Science and Technology
Fund or call Fund