ISblue Support for International Mobility of Marine Science PhD Students to and from France

Mobility funding is available for marine science PhD students in institutions outside of France to visit ISblue research units, and for ISblue doctoral candidates to visit institutions outside of France, with visits typically lasting one to three months.

ISblue is an interdisciplinary graduate school which brings together research teams and laboratories in western France to increase knowledge and promote technological innovation and training in the area of marine science.

Funding is available through the ISblue PhD Mobility scheme to support the international mobility of doctoral students. This scheme operates on a co-directional basis, supporting mobility both to and from ISblue research units. This scheme is usually open on a biannual basis, ie two calls for applications each year.

Support is provided for three aspects of doctoral mobility.

Co-supervised theses and ‘international co-direction’ theses

Mobility support may be requested for doctoral students and their co-directors over the duration of the bilateral PhD. Candidates must be enrolled in an ISblue partner higher education institution and, in the case of co-direction theses, also enrolled in a doctoral programme at an institution outside of France. The minimum period of doctoral mobility is six months in the partner institution over a three-year PhD.

Outgoing international mobility

This aspect of funding supports the international mobility of doctoral candidates registered in ISblue institutions through short visits (typically one to three months) outside of mainland France in order to acquire new techniques and methodologies, or to carry out fieldwork.

Incoming international mobility

Support is available for doctoral students in institutions outside of France to spend time in an ISblue research unit (typically no longer than three months) as part of an international collaborative project.

Mobility carried out within the framework of an established programme of international cooperation or under an agreement signed between an ISblue institution and a foreign partner will be prioritised.

For all types of mobility, candidates must have been enrolled in a thesis for less than three years (unless their thesis is financed over four years). The thesis subject must be related to marine science and technology.

The total budget allocated to this scheme is €90,000 per year. The only eligible costs are the actual costs of travel within the limit of the allocated package of support.

Applications to the winter 2022 call must be submitted by 28 February 2023 (23:59).

Evaluation shall be carried out by a specially-convened committee in March 2023.