Iris L Gonzalez Prize

Closing Date: 16/10/2023

This one-year award supports researchers anywhere in the world to undertake data analysis of the genetic variants of Barth syndrome.

The Barth Syndrome Foundation (BSF) is a US-based, world-wide volunteer organisation dedicated to saving lives through education, advances in treatment, and finding a cure for Barth syndrome (BTHS).

The Iris L Gonzalez Prize was launched in 2023 to advance understanding of the genetic variants of Barth syndrome (BTHS). It takes the form of an open data challenge to interdisciplinary researchers both within and outside of the Barth syndrome field to analyse data from BSF’s Human Tafazzin Variants Database.

This prize is supported by the Paula and Woody Varner Fund.

Funding body Barth Syndrome Foundation (BSF)
Maximum value 10,000 USD
Reference ID S25512
Category Medical Research
Fund or call Fund