InnoCentive Ideation Challenge: Net Zero Impact Emission Vehicle

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Innovation challenge seeking ideas for technological innovations to reduce or eliminate emissions from internal combustion engines.

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This InnoCentive Ideation Challenge – Net Zero Impact Emission Vehicle – is seeking ideas for innovative technology concepts to drastically reduce or eliminate tailpipe emissions from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, including gasoline, diesel, or advanced concept engine vehicles.

While research and development of technologies such as catalytic converters and particle traps over recent decades has significant reduced emissions from ICE powered vehicles, there is still a requirement for advances to reach the ultimate goal of net zero pollutant emissions.

The Seeker for this challenge is currently exploring a number of new technologies in combustion, catalysis, and capture that could radically reduce pollutant emissions from ICE powered vehicles and is seeking additional novel ideas and innovative technology concepts to explore.

Solutions proposed for this challenge may target conventional gasoline and/or diesel engines as well as advanced concepts such as GCI (gasoline compression ignition) or hybrid applications, and should address reduction of tailpipe emissions of the targeted pollutants (preferably NOx, CO and hydrocarbons, but solutions addressing particulates, SOx, VOC, N2O and NH3 shall also be considered.).

Funding body InnoCentive
Maximum value 10,000 USD
Reference ID S22835
Category Engineering and Physical Sciences
Natural Environment

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