InnoCentive DTA Ideation Challenge: Fouling Prevention on Ships

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Innovation challenge seeking ideas for innovative new approaches to prevent fouling on ships, with a particular interest in approaches that are effective in low flow areas.

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This InnoCentive Ideation DTA Challenge – Fouling Prevention on Ships – has been put forward by Defence Technology Agency (DTA) New Zealand to find innovative new ideas to prevent fouling on ships, with a particular interest in ships that work in low-flow areas.

Fouling on ship hulls – eg from microorganisms, plants, algae, and small marine animals – impacts drag through water, clogs intakes, and is a primary route for the transport of invasive species from one ecosystem to another

Bow thruster spaces, sea chests (recesses where water is drawn in for cooling, ballast etc) and other areas of low water flow are subject to particularly bad fouling and are typically difficult to access for inspection or cleaning. Areas of low water flow are typically treated with antifouling pains, which contain toxic elements, have limited effectiveness in these areas and require periodic reapplication.

Fouling in low flow areas is currently addressed through periodic manual cleaning while the ship is in dry dock, approximately every two and a half years.

Accordingly, the Seeker, DTA New Zealand, is seeking ideas for novel approaches and concepts to prevent fouling in low or no flow, hard to access areas of ship hulls.

Funding body Defence Technology Agency (DTA) New Zealand
Maximum value 5,000 USD
Reference ID S23068
Category Engineering and Physical Sciences
Science and Technology

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