INCa Launches 2023 Acting in Public Health Call

Funding is available to support studies, experiments and actions aimed at better integrating the prevention, screening and early detection of cancers in healthcare pathways in France.

France’s Institut National du Cancer (INCa – National Cancer Institute) was created in 2004 and is the health and science agency responsible for cancer control in France. Its goals include reducing the incidence of avoidable cancers and the number of cancer deaths, improving the quality of life of people with cancer during and after their illness, and reducing inequalities related to cancer.

INCa has launched the Acting in Public Health call to:

  • Support policies for prevention, cancer screening and personalisation of the cancer care pathway, in particular in connection with the ten-year strategy for the fight against cancer.
  • Support studies, experiments and actions in public health aimed at improving prevention, screening, early detection and personalisation of the care pathway.

The proposed experiments and actions must be in the field of public health and must be based on innovative, reproducible and mutualisables approaches, systematically integrating a solid evaluation. They can be conducted at the national level or in specific territories and with the general population or with targeted audiences.

The call for projects covers seven axes:

  • Axis One: Care pathway.
  • Axes Two and Three: Primary prevention.
  • Axis Four, Five, Six and Seven: Secondary prevention.

This call is open to project proposals from any public or private non-profit organisation focussed on public healthcare, including:

  • Public research organisations such as universities, Public Scientific and Technological Establishments (EPST), and Public Industrial and Commercial Establishments (EPIC).
  • Non-profit organisations such as associations and foundations.
  • Health organisations such as university hospitals (CHU), regional cancer centres (CRLCC), and hospitals (CH) etc, whether private or not.

Coordinators must devote at least 30% of their time to the project and cannot simultaneously coordinate more than three projects funded by INCa.

The participation of foreign teams is possible as long as they provide their own funding.

Funding consists of a minimum of €15,000 for each axis.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline of 9 June 2023 (12:00 Paris time).

(This report was the subject of a ResearchConnect Newsflash.)