Hodges Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

Closing Date: 15/03/2024

Funding available for PhD Students around the world who are intending to focus their dissertation on any area of the complexities of human orientation.

The Hodges Foundation for Philosophical Orientation (HFPO) is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide a platform for philosophical research into all aspects of human orientation. HFPO seeks to philosophically reflect and confront the vast reorientations humanity is facing in the 21st century.

The Hodges Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship programme aims to support studies exploring the complexities of human orientation. HFPO primarily supports innovative dissertations in the wider field of philosophical scholarship, but projects in any academic field are welcome if they make significant contributions to the philosophy of orientation.

Typical projects could include:

  • Philosophical reorientations in history and today.
  • The structures of human orientation in space and time.
  • Memory studies and brain research.
  • The economic, political, communicative, religious, or ethical dimensions of decision-making.
  • Global reorientations connected with the Anthropocene and the digital transformations of the world.

The current dissertation fellowship programme is for doctoral candidates who will work on their dissertations during the academic year 2024-2025.

Funding body The Hodges Foundation for Philosophical Orientation
Maximum value 30,000 USD
Reference ID S25654
Category Arts and Humanities
Biotechnology and Biology
Economic and Social Research
Science and Technology
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