Higher Education International Partnership Programmes with Germany Offered by DAAD

The DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – German Academic Exchange Service) is the largest German support organisation in the field of international academic co-operation. The DAAD awards competitive, merit-based grants for use toward study and/or research in Germany at any of the accredited German higher education institutions (HEIs), and for German students to go abroad.

The DAAD currently offers three programmes to foster international partnerships between higher education institutions in Germany and abroad. Further details of the calls are as follows:

Mobility Programme for Students at German Universities (PROMOS)

The annual DAAD – Mobility Programme for Students at German Universities (PROMOS) (Programm zur Steigerung der Mobilität von Studierenden deutscher Hochschulen) aims to increase the existing mobility of German students and doctoral candidates by offering opportunity to gain international experience at a foreign university or company.

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The programme promotes the following measures:

  • Final theses/study projects: Candidates studying in the German higher education sector can spend one to six months at a foreign university or company.
  • Internships: Opportunity to spend one to six months at a foreign company.
  • Language courses: Funding for three weeks to up to six months to participate at a language course at a foreign university or established language institute.
  • Subject courses: Funding for up to six weeks to participate at specialist courses.
  • Study trips: Students can spend up to 12 days in a foreign country to meet international students and academics.
  • Competition trips: Students can spend up to 12 days at competition trips for the purpose of attending student competitions.

Eligible to submit applications are state and state-recognised German higher education institutions (Hochschulen).

A lump sum of €250 per candidate can be applied for by the institution. The total amount of the lump sum for materials and equipment may not exceed 10% of the expenditure for sponsored individuals approved in the financing plan. Depending on the country, the funding amount varies between €325 and €6,000.

Applications close on 5 August 2024.

International Study and Training Partnerships (ISAP)

The DAAD offers funding for institutions of higher education in Germany in order to set up bilateral exchange opportunities for academics and students at all levels with universities in partner countries as part of its International Study and Training Partnerships (ISAP) (Internationale Studien- und Ausbildungspartnerschaften) programme. ISAP is initially intended for German universities in order to establish or continue international academic and training partnerships between individual departments or faculties and foreign universities.

Public and state-accredited universities in Germany are eligible to apply for funding.

No maximum funding values are given, though personnel expenses, fees and material resources (domestic) are capped at €7,500 per funding year.

The application deadline is 16 October 2024.

East-West Dialogue

The DAAD Programme ‘East-West Dialogue: Academic Exchange and Research Cooperation for Security, Collaboration and Civil Society Development in Europe’ (Ost-West-Dialog. Akademischer Austausch und wissenschaftliche Kooperation für Sicherheit, Zusammenarbeit und zivilgesellschaftliche Entwicklung in Europa) is designed to foster academic dialogue between Germany, the South Caucasus and Central Asia on research topics such as conflict research and prevention, democratisation processes, rule of law, good governance, protection of minorities and civil society development.

The programme supports partnerships between higher education institutions in Germany and partners in the South Caucasus and Central Asia. The geographic focus of the programme is on Ukraine and in the Republic of Moldova, as well as in the states of the South Caucasus region and Central Asia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan).

The programme supports the following types of measures:

  • Implementation of events such as workshops, conventions, seminars, study trips, summer schools or conferences in the partner countries and/or Germany for participants from the area of higher education and the civil society.
  • Awarding of scholarships for study or research in Germany and/or the partner country.

Eligible are state and state-recognised higher education institutions (Hochschulen) and non-educational research institutions in Germany.

The maximum funding amount is €40,000. Eligible expenses include material costs, events, accommodation, personnel expenses, travel costs, printing/publications/advertising, public relations and mobility allowances.

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