Helmholtz Association Funds First-Time Professorial Appointments of Highly Talented Female Scientists

The Helmholtz Association is a union of 18 scientific-technical and biological-medical research centres. It is the biggest scientific organisation in Germany which develops research programmes for six research fields: Energy, Earth and Environment, Health, Aeronautics, Space and Transport, Key Technologies plus Structure of Matter.

For the promotion of outstanding researchers and to increase the proportion of women at the medium and upper levels of Helmholtz management, the Helmholtz Association operates different funding programmes designed to attract female researchers to leading positions in Germany.

Helmholtz Professorship – Funding of First-Time Professorial Appointments of Highly Talented Female Scientists (W2/W3)

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The programme is designed to attract a top-level group of experienced, internationally recognised female scientists to Helmholtz Centres. It is intended to take better advantage of the potential of outstanding female scientists. The programme’s resources also create scope for financing and equipping the newly recruited scientists and expanding the options of the recruiting Helmholtz Centres and partner universities for creating additional positions. The funding line is open to female scientists who receive a first professorship appointment (W2/W3) through this programme.

Eligible for Helmholtz Professorship (W2/W3) appointments are highly distinguished female scientists with an international reputation who are currently conducting research at foreign institutions and who are recognised leaders in their respective field. This may also include female researchers of German nationality.

Funding of €200,000 per year is provided to finance the position, research group and relevant equipment. The applicant Helmholtz Centre and its partner university are expected to provide additional financial resources.

To apply, interested candidates should first contact the Helmholtz Centre of their choice.