Heart Research UK Launches COVID-19 Research Grant

Heart Research UK Launches COVID-19 Research Grant

Heart Research UK (HRUK) is offering COVID-19 specific research grants of up to three years in duration to support research into the links between COVID-19 and heart disease.

The grant scheme will award funding to address the pressing need to improve the understanding of the links between COVID-19 and the cardiovascular system, including how COVID-19 infection influences heart disease and whether it changes the ways in which patients are treated.

HRUK is willing to consider a range of research areas from biomedicine to public health studies. However, the applications must demonstrate the potential benefits of the research to patient health and pathways to clinical impact.

Some examples of possible research topics include:

Mechanisms of vascular dysfunction in COVID-19 including endothelial dysfunction and thrombosis.

Cardiopulmonary imaging of COVID-19 patients to assess the longer term effects on the heart and lungs.

Genetic and environmental influences on SARS-CoV-2 virus and ACE2 receptors.

Cardiovascular disease in the presence of diabetes during COVID-19 – impact on progression, management and outcomes.

Mechanisms underpinning the ability of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to infect and/or damage cardiovascular cells.

The impact of COVID-19 on national cardiovascular care delivery and outcomes.

Applicants must be suitably qualified and working in the UK. The Principal Applicant must be in a tenured position at a UK-based Host Institution and is responsible for managing the grant, both scientifically and financially.

The maximum grant award is £250,000. This may include maximum equipment costs of up to £10,000.

Applications must be submitted by 12 October 2020 (13:00 GMT).

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