Hamburg Science Prize Focuses on ‘One Health’

Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg (AW Hamburg – Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg) is an academic society for scientists from northern Germany. The academy promotes co-operation between universities and scientific institutions in the region, while also being committed to strengthening communication between science and society.

Since 2009, the academy has awarded the biennial Hamburg Science Prize. The Germany-wide prize is designed to honour outstanding achievements in research, with a focus on scientific work dedicated to progress for human wellbeing. The award is intended to incentivise future scientific work by offering funding for further research activity. Each award is dedicated to a particular theme that can relate to all disciplines of natural and social science, technology and humanities.

The theme for 2023 award is ‘One Health’.

Eligible are researchers working in Germany. Nominations are accepted from all researchers working in Germany.

The award is endowed with €100,000 and is intended to support further research activity. The candidate’s proposed use of the prize money is a deciding criterion when making the award.

The nomination window for the 2023 award closes on 15 March 2023.