Good Food Institute Annual Call for Research into Alternative Proteins

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is a US-based international non-profit organisation that promotes plant-based, fermentation-derived, and cultivated meat.

GFI’s research grant programme runs an annual call for proposals for research projects that address scientific and technological challenges facing the alternative protein industry.

The 2024 Request for Proposals (RFP) invites submissions for consideration for the Institute’s Field Catalyst Grants, targeted funding opportunities focused on the following specified scientific and technological topics:

  1. Upcycled plant proteins – Improve the functionality of known food industry side-streams using emerging processing methods/technology, calculated side-stream volume, and limited economic assessment.
  2. Next-gen fermentation downstream processing – Sustainable and low-cost approaches for downstream food protein isolation from precision fermentation biomanufacturing.
  3. Hydrolysates for cultivated meat – Optimise raw material processing and characterisation to enable lower-cost and higher-performing hydrolysate ingredients for cultivated meat media.

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Applications submitted from any sector (academia, government, industry, or non-profit organisations) and from around the world are eligible for consideration.

A total of $3.4 million is available under the 2024 RFP.

Individual project budgets (including indirect costs) may not exceed $250,000. Proposals may request an additional $50,000 to support collaborations in which at least one of the collaborating partners has not previously worked on alternative protein research.

The maximum project duration is 24 months.

Funding decisions are expected to be announced by the end of August 2024.

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