Fondation Charles Defforey/Institut de France Grand Scientific Prize

Closing Date: 28/02/2022

This international prize is awarded annually to support a high-level research project focussed on a specified scientific theme.

The Charles Defforey Foundation (Fondation Charles Defforey) was established in 1999 to encourage research in scientific, humanitarian and cultural fields. It provides a range of annual prizes and occasional grants in collaboration with the Academies of the Institute of France (Institut de France).

The Fondation Charles Defforey/Institut de France Grand Scientific Prize is awarded annually to provide financial support to a high-level research project on a specified theme.

For the 2022 Prize, the specified theme is: Developments in the quantum world.

This scientific area concerns the emergence of new materials with correlations leading to remarkable collective properties, of lattices of coupled superconducting junctions for quantum computing, the rapid development of light control at the single photon level and entanglement between photons. Projects may involve diverse fields such as computation, digital or analogue simulation, algorithms, communications, metrology or sensor development.

Funding body Fondation Charles Defforey (Charles Defforey Foundation)
Maximum value €400,000
Reference ID S23140
Category Engineering and Physical Sciences
Science and Technology

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