Fondation ARC Launches 2023 Edition of €1.5 Million Recruiting International Leaders in Oncology Programme

Fondation ARC has launched the 2023 edition of its programme to encourage researchers from outside of France to establish a research team in France in the field of cancer research.

The Fondation ARC (Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer – Cancer Research Association) is a French foundation dedicated entirely to cancer research. It supports work in all areas of cancer research, including prevention, screening, diagnosis, aetiology and treatment. Both fundamental and clinical research are supported, as well as epidemiologic, humanities, social sciences and economics research.

Fondation ARC’s Recruiting International Leaders in Oncology programme aims to strengthen France’s competitiveness in the field of cancer research by attracting top-tier researchers to move to France, establish teams in France and develop ambitious research programmes within French research structures.

The call is open to basic and translational research programmes that will develop links between bench and bedside. The initiative is intended to work as a collaboration between the Fondation ARC and the host institutions, with host institutions matching the Fondation ARC funding budget of €1.5 million over five years. The aim is to ensure selected researchers remain in France in the long-term and as such, the research structure must commit to supporting the candidate as part of a long-term process.

The programme is aimed at French research institutions and experienced researchers (10-25 years of post-PhD experience) from outside of France.

Applications must be submitted to Fondation ARC by 14 March 2023.

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