Flexible, Agile, Scalable, and Sustainable Medicines Manufacturing Competition

Closing Date: 22/11/2023

UK businesses and research organisations, together with partner organisations, can access grants to support the development and implementation of new technologies for medicines development and manufacture.

This competition is operated by Innovate UK (IUK). The aim of the competition is to encourage the development and adoption of flexible, agile, scalable and sustainable technologies (FASST) for the development and manufacture of medicines.

These technologies are expected to support enhanced manufacturing processes, with significant and measurable improvements to resource efficiency, or productivity of pharmaceutical processes. Benefits should include reduced time-to-market for new products and increased patient access to medicines.

Proposals must show how projects will improve the productivity, competitiveness and growth for at least one UK micro, small or medium-sized enterprise involved in the project.

Funding body Innovate UK (IUK)
Maximum value £2,000,000
Reference ID S25603
Category Science and Technology
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Medical Research
Fund or call Fund