Euratom Nuclear Innovation Prize Open to Applications

Prize recognising excellence in the areas of fission, radioactive waste, and radiation protection science and technology.

The Euratom Nuclear Innovation Prize is offered to highlight and reward the excellence in nuclear innovation that can be found in this field of research as well as the quality of the talented researchers and companies involved. The first contest will be organised at the next Euratom Research and Training Conference(s) in Safety of Reactor Systems (FISA 2022) and Radioactive Waste Management (EURADWASTE’22).

There are two specific categories for the prize:

  • Nuclear Innovation Prize in safety of reactor systems
    First Prize: €50,000, Second Prize: €30,000, Third Prize: €20,000
  • Nuclear Innovation Prize in radioactive waste management
    First Prize: €50,000, Second Prize: €30,000, Third Prize: €20,000

Contestants are free to submit an application concerning any technological innovation in the areas of application of fission, radioactive waste and radiation protection science and technology that have been developed within fields covered in Annex I of the Euratom Research and Training Programme 2021-2025. These applications should have a market potential or should have been taken up (or recognised) by industry or safety or radiation protection regulators to be further developed for the market or for use by regulators.

The contest is open to researchers, research teams or innovators working for an EU public and private organisations or companies established in an EU Member State or third country associated to the Euratom Programme. The researcher, research team or industrial participant must obtain permission from the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to submit an application and provide supporting documentation.

The 2021 Nuclear Innovation Prize is open to applications until 20 October 2021 (17:00 CET).