EU Launches Consultation into Europe’s Innovation Ecosystem

All innovation stakeholders are invited to respond to survey that will feed into ongoing analysis about the evolution of the European innovation ecosystem.

The European Commission has launched a survey to obtain views on how to strengthen the European innovation ecosystem and improve innovation cohesion in Europe.

The consultation invites views on the innovation-related challenges and opportunities facing Europe. Respondents are also encouraged to share their ideas for practical actions that could be replicated, customised or scaled up at local, regional, national or European level.

Responses will feed into ongoing analysis about the evolution of the European innovation ecosystem, as well as future Horizon Europe programming (such as the European Innovation Council (EIC) and European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE)), Cohesion Policy programmes and the role of smart specialisation approaches.

The survey is open to all interested innovation stakeholders, including start-ups, SMEs and businesses in all sectors; business support organisations, including cluster organisations; universities and research organisations; science and technology parks; incubators and accelerators; investors; and local, regional and national authorities, including those involved in the cohesion policy implementation.

The ambition is to achieve an effective and inclusive innovation ecosystem to help the EU deliver the green and digital transitions while contributing to strong European recovery, economic and social cohesion, and global leadership in key technologies and innovative solutions. It will also ensure that the benefits of innovation are spread fairly across the EU, thereby helping less prosperous regions achieve higher levels of prosperity, while ensuring that all regions contribute to delivering the green and digital transitions.

The consultation can be accessed and completed on the EUSurvey website.

(This report was the subject of a ResearchConnect Newsflash.)