ESRC – Undertake UK National Coordination of the European Social Survey

Closing Date: 30/05/2022

Funding available to undertake the UK national coordination of the next two rounds of the European Social Survey (ESS).

The ESRC are inviting proposals from individuals or teams to undertake the UK national coordination of the next two rounds of the ESS.

The tasks of the National Coordinator are to:

  • Communicate with the Core Scientific Team (CST) and attend three National Coordinator forum meetings per year (two virtual and one in-person)
  • Select and liaise with the Survey Agency
  • Complete a data management plan and signing a data processor agreement with the ESS ERIC
  • Ensure data protection, anonymity and confidentiality and full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Participate in questionnaire development, translation and pre-testing
  • Discuss available sampling frames and sampling procedures with the Sampling and Weighting Expert Panel
  • Provide a sampling frame
  • Prepare and monitor fieldwork in collaboration with the CST
  • Oversee interviewer briefings
  • Deposit data and other deliverables to the ESS data archive and communicate with the ESS data archive
  • Adhere to national and institutional ethical procedures
  • Disseminate ESS findings and methodological outcomes.
Funding body Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
Maximum value £162,000
Reference ID S23732
Category Economic and Social Research

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