ESRC-GO Science Areas of Research Interest (ARI) Fellowships

The Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Government Office for Science (GO Science) wish to support two fellowships to capitalise on the development of the ARIs to drive forward the potential for collaborative dialogue between researchers and policy makers in UK government to help further improve outcomes for public benefit.

These fellowships are intended to refine and develop ARI questions, clarify next steps needed to take forward research and knowledge exchange (either by government or other stakeholders) and help inform the ways in which ARIs are developed going forward. These fellowships represent an exciting opportunity for the fellows to play a key role in the development of policy-research engagement around the ARIs and in enhancing the use of research in policy making for public benefit.

The Fellowships will be for one year (with the potential to extend to two years), starting as soon as feasible from mid October 2019.

ARI Research Engagement Fellow

This role will have core responsibility for identifying and convening research expertise appropriate to address selected ARIs. The fellow will work to enable dialogue with government departments to refine and develop the ARIs. The Research Engagement fellow will work closely with the Policy Engagement Fellow in the development and delivery of work between cross-disciplinary/sector expert groups of researchers and policy makers to identify and design the research approaches needed to address them.

ARI Policy Engagement Fellow

This role will have core responsibility for proactively engaging with relevant policy makers across government. The fellow will take lead responsibility for the development and delivery of evidence-informed and innovative methods and tools to facilitate interactions between cross-disciplinary/sector expert groups of researchers and policy makers to support refinement of ARIs.

Both Fellows must be employed at a UK research organisation eligible for ESRC funding for the duration of the fellowship (but the Policy Engagement Fellow need not be employed as an academic member of staff).

Both roles are open to candidates with a proven track record of excellence in social science research and/or engagement with policy makers.

Up to £100,000 (full economic costing fEC) for each Fellowship over one year is available. Applicants may request funding from ESRC at standard 80% fEC.

Applications should be submitted by 6 August 2019 (16:00).

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