Eight UKRI Councils Publish Detailed Strategic Delivery Plans for 2022-25

The plans set out how the individual councils will allocate their share of UKRI’s £7.9 billion annual budget.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has published detailed Strategic Delivery Plans for eight of its councils, setting out how the councils will deliver the wider UKRI mission and vision as well the activities they will undertake during the three-year spending period.

The plans relate to the UK’s seven research councils and Innovate UK. Research England’s budget allocation aligns with the academic year rather than financial year, and its strategic delivery plan will be published in the autumn.

The plans detail how the councils will deliver on UKRI’s five-year strategy, transforming tomorrow together, and implement the August 2022 UKRI corporate plan. Details of the individual council delivery plans are available here:

The plans set out each council’s budget, what they will achieve over a three-year period, and the actions they will take in support of UKRI’s six overarching strategic objectives, namely:

  • People and careers: making the UK the top destination for talented people and teams.
  • Places: securing the UK’s position as a globally leading research and innovation nation with outstanding institutions, infrastructures, sectors, and clusters across the breadth of the UK.
  • Ideas: advancing the frontiers of human knowledge and innovation by enabling the UK to seize opportunities from emerging research trends, multidisciplinary approaches and new concepts and markets.
  • Innovation: delivering the government’s vision for the UK as an innovation nation, through concerted action of Innovate UK and wider UKRI.
  • Impacts: focusing the UK’s world class science and innovation to target global and national challenges, create and exploit tomorrow’s technologies, and build the high-growth business sectors of the future.
  • Underpinned by a strong organisation: making UKRI the most efficient, effective and agile organisation it can be.

Overarching details of the plans can be accessed at UKRI’s website.

(This report was the subject of a ResearchConnect Newsflash.)