Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT) European Partnership

Closing Date: 21/11/2022

The Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT) European Partnership will aim to strengthen joint efforts towards sustainable urban development.

Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT) is a new programme of JPI Urban Europe and one of 49 European Partnerships under Horizon Europe. It is the only partnership dedicated to urban development in its complexity, and has a close link to the European mission of 100 climate-neutral and smart cities.

DUT is formed of 60 partners from 27 countries, involving national and regional policy makers, funders and urban-related policy agencies to invest in urban R&I and strengthen a European innovation ecosystem for urban transitions.

DUT will build upon the achievements of JPI Urban Europe and will aim to strengthen joint efforts towards sustainable urban development, bringing knowledge and evidence into action. It aims to create a strong community around urban transitions and to establish a well-known research and innovation platform that will help cities become more sustainable, inclusive and liveable.

The DUT partnership aims to tackle grand challenges immediately, many of which must be addressed within cities and by urban communities. The DUT partnership therefore aims to address these challenges with an integrated approach to offer decision makers in municipalities, companies and society the means to act and enable the necessary urban transformations.

In order to support cities along their specific strategies, the Partnership focuses on three critical urban sectors and their interrelationships.

  • The Circular Urban Economies Transition Pathway (CUE) – CUE aims to foster the design of urban places characterised by regenerative urbanism, which means liveable, inclusive, and green communities and neighbourhoods that are sustained by circular urban economies and resource flows.
  • The Positive Energy Districts Transition Pathway (PED) – PED aims to optimise the local energy system through energy efficiency, flexibility and local energy generation from renewables in actions towards the (urban) energy transition and climate-neutrality and mainstreaming these actions in urban planning processes.
  • The 15-Minute City Transition Pathway (15minC) – 15minC aims to foster a rethink of the existing mobility system and urban morphology to encourage sustainable mobility choices, redistribute urban space and reorganise daily activities so to make our cities more climate neutral, liveable and inclusive.
Funding body European Commission
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