DREES MiRe Announces Call for Proposals on Social Security and Environmental Crises

Funding has been announced by DREES to support French humanities and social science scholars in researching issues surrounding social security with relation to significant environmental crises.

The Direction de la recherche, des études, de l’évaluation et des statistiques (DREES – Directors of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics) is a board of directors of the French central public administration, responsible for producing statistical works and socioeconomic studies. DREES operates the Mission Research (MiRe – Research Mission) to launch and coordinate research programmes with the goal of producing knowledge on health and social policy, informing decisions of administrations, institutional partners and operational actors.

DREES MiRE has launched a call for proposals with the objective of examining forms of social security in the context of large environmental crises (climate, biodiversity, pollution etc). The call is addressed to French researchers in all humanities and social science disciplines.

The call for proposals is centred around the following three thematic areas:

  • New threats and new needs: How may social security be renewed?
  • Lifestyles and issues of scale in the face of ecological emergency.
  • Environmental issues and social inequality: Social justice at the heart of transition.

To be eligible, the scientific lead must be part of a laboratory affiliated with a research organisation in France. The scientific lead may submit a maximum of two proposals within the framework of this call. Doctoral students and postdoctoral students may be involved with proposals.

The lead organisation may present a proposal that brings together several research teams, preferably from different disciplines. One organisation may submit several proposals from different teams.

Projects may request funding of up to €100,000. The maximum project length is 24 months (unless an extension can be justified). Eligible costs include personnel costs, running costs, equipment, hiring fees and management costs.

Applications must be submitted by 2 June 2023 (24:00 Paris Time).

(This report was the subject of a ResearchConnect Newsflash.)